Wills & Probate Close

You need proper advice in relation to Wills and Estates.

Like many things in life it is often the apparently simple things that can catch you out or cause grief and anguish for your close relatives. The importance of Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Appointments of Guardian cannot be over-emphasised.

We are in a position to not only carry out simple instructions but to advise in relation to Estate Planning and associated areas that are essential in the environment where incorrect decisions can have great impact on the value of your Estate, wealth that you may wish to transfer to your Beneficiaries, or your own entitlements whilst you are alive. The area of Estate Planning extends to all of these. We often work with Financial Planners to effect and document legal strategies tailored to the Client's needs.

At the other end of the spectrum we are well experienced in making applications for Probate and Administration of Estates.

It is now more common for Estates to be challenged by relatives or dependants seeking financial provision when they feel that they have been overlooked. Whether it is a question of defending the Will or making a claim for someone who feels that they have not been properly provided for we are well placed and have the experience to assess and advise you in relation to these matters.