Family Law Close

Robert Webley has been an Accredited Family Law Specialist since 1994 and continues to be extensively involved in a wide range of Family Law matters on a day to day basis. Whether you need general advice, assistance with achieving a settlement or representation in court proceedings you won't be disappointed.

Family Law is an area that is often difficult because of the emotional issues involved. This is where experienced advice and guidance is of real benefit. It can often make the difference between lengthy protracted litigation with very significant costs and a satisfactory economical resolution. Family Law both at the pre-issue stage and during the Court process has always involved alternate dispute resolution methods and this is practiced and well understood.

Family Law is an area where a broad range of experience is of great benefit. It often involves property issues, taxation issues, trust issues, estate planning and a multitude of considerations which will be overlooked unless the Practitioner has not only good Family Law knowledge but a wider experience and knowledge of related areas.

Clients with substantial assets or prior relationships should never overlook the advantages of a Binding Financial Agreement before entering into a Marriage or Relationship, even if you hope you will never need it.

The Practice has a reputation for delivering sensible positive outcomes for our Clients to satisfy their needs and aims whilst always operating within the bounds of our Professional obligations.